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  3. My banning finger is getting tired, it needs food.

    1. Duriclicity


      Hey I haven't been banned in a while ;)

  4. R.I.P Avicii

  5. Trying to figure out if Fir actually hates me or not.

    1. Duriclicity


      Probably, Fir hates everyone but himself.


      I'm kidding, ily @Firball1 <3

  6. Alright who am I banning today?

    1. Duriclicity


      Me probably

  7. First status.

    1. Steelaxitives


      2nd status boom

    2. Pingu


      That's actually a comment :P

    3. Steelaxitives


      o u right


  8. Pingu

    Server Open!

    Hello all, the server has been finally open! Hopefully i'll see you all there.
  9. Last Updated 4/2/18 GENERAL RULES Be respectful to all players out-of-character. Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community will result in a permanent ban. Staff have a final say. If you dissagree with their opinion, appeals or reports can be made on the forums. Avoiding punishments by any means is forbidden. Hacking is not allowed. If you're caught hacking, you will be permanently banned. If you find any exploits, report them to staff. Anyone caught baiting or encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation. No inappropriate names in-game and on the forums. Admin-land is off limits to all non-staff members unless for sit purposes. Basic Rules No RDM (Random Deathmatch ) No RDA ( RanDom Arrest ) Do not break NLR, after you die you need to wait at least 3 minutes to go back where you died. This excludes the spawn. No propspam, propminge, propabuse, propsurf No Mass RP Binds. You must advert 2 warns with 10 seconds in between before attacking anyone in selfdefense ( Exam. some one is following you and won't stop, someone is spamming knocks on your doors, etc. ) Do not run around screaming, playing music thru your mic is okay only if you're entertainer/hobo and stand at once place without moving around. Job have basic rules in F4 menu. Mug, Hits and Kidnaps 1. Mug rules You need to advert in chat that you are mugging You must be close to a player you're mugging. You mug again after 5min You must give player at least 10 seconds to respond. You are not allowed to mug players that have weapons out. You are not allowed to mug Hobos and Pets. Max Mug is 5,000$ 2. Kidnapping rules You must advert in chat that you are kidnapping someone You need to be close to a person you're kidnapping. You can kidnap again after 30min You must wait a hour to kidnap the same player again. Your maximum time to hold the hostage is 15min, If you don't get the request ransom you're allowed to kill the hostage. Max ransom is 50,000$ 3. Hit rules Do not spam hits on the same player. Random hits are allowed. You're allowed to back where you died if you got killed by a hit. Max hit is 5000$ Basing Rules Individuals may own one building and must own every door in that building. Large groups may only own two buildings and may not block off a large portion of the map. No oversized bases. No kill boxes, traps, mazes, or zig-zag bases. No fading doors in front of map doors. No collided props, invisible props, glow/flickering material, or all black material are NOT allowed. No roof bases unless there is direct access built into the building. (Example: Hotel, Building next to PD) No floating props (All props suspended in the air must be supported via another prop that connects it to a solid surface). You must have at least one entrance into your base, all other entrances may be blocked. You may have a KOS line + sign outside the entrance of your base. It must be noticeable. No tiny letters or hard to see colors. You can have one keypad to open a fading door and one on the opposing side to get out. Minimum 5 seconds and no delay allowed. You must not open your fading doors with your keyboard whilst in RP scenarios. You must use a keypad to open them. If you fail to do this, this is fading door abuse. There must be enough space for two people side-by-side between each section of your entrances. You cannot force players to crouch, jump, or climb into your base (This excludes the world). When defending your base, you may ONLY shoot through props or shooting windows THAT ARE TRANSPARENT where both parties have at least a clear view of the shoulders and above, while standing. The props that are allowed may be materialized but requires a material that is easy on the eyes and transparent. Be fair or don’t use them at all. The shooting windows must be wide enough and materialized with a material that is easy on the eyes, fairly transparent, and provides two way visibility. The window must be controlled by a button or keypad and does not require a minimum time. One way props are allowed for viewing purposes, however, neither party may shoot through them. You cannot have a one way window next to a non-one way prop allowing you to see them and shoot them. Maximum allowed fading doors is 3+1 ( 3 for the enternace to the base and 1 for the vault ) Raiding Rules You cannot raid a base with a building sign up. You cannot change jobs during a raid. You may only raid with your party or same job groups. You must wait 20 minutes before raiding the same base again. Attackers who died may not return to that base until waiting 20 minutes for a re-raid. Defenders who died may return to their base after waiting the NLR time (3 minutes). The Police may break NLR to continue protecting the PD during PD raids. Police Department The front door to the PD lobby must stay unlocked and the lobby must stay available to citizens at all times. Police cannot raid the Bank, they must protect it. Police must obey the Mayor and his laws. Police must give a valid reason when issuing a warrant or wanting someone. Police can own a building but only for the RP effect. Police cannot arrest armed players, this is baton rushing. Police must shoot if they are armed. Police may break NLR to protect against PD raids. You may ONLY break NLR for PD raids. Police may seize weapons and explosives if they are against the law. Police may use the seized weapons. Police can build a roadblock if you role-play it correctly. For example, a weapon check station outside PD due to an increase in deaths by lethal arms. Check with an Admin for their approval. PD may have 1 defense for that consists of 2 fading doors which may be double stacked. Mayor Law Rules You cannot make laws that restrict a player’s right to speech. You cannot allow random weapon checks unless in PD. Only the Mayor may approve the construction of ONE toll booth for police (Counts as a roadblock). KOS/AOS laws are allowed with one warning. The Mayor may Advert KOS/AOS laws once every 5 minutes. This counts as the warning. Commands: /addlaws (adds laws to the Law Board) /remove law # /lockdown (initiates a lockdown) /unlockdown(cancels the lockdown) /wanted name reason (arrest warrant) /unwanted name reason (unarrest warrant)/warrant name reason (search warrant) Warrant Rules The reasons for warrants can include: Seeing and/or hearing illegals. Excessive shooting within a building. A wanted player is inside the base you’re warranting. You got notified that a player was being held hostage inside the base. Positive results from the contraband scanner. Gang Wars Groove Gang Members and Ballas Gang Members are the only two jobs who are allowed to commence a war against each other, as long as they follow these rules: Groove Gang Boss/Ballas Gang Boss must base and be in a party together. Groove Gang Boss/ Ballas Gang Boss must base and be in a party together. Groove Gang Members and Ballas Gang Members are KOS to each other if the player has a gun out. Groove Gang Members and Ballas Gang Members are not KOS to each other if they do not have a gun out. Groove Gang Members and Ballas Gang Members are not KOS to each other if they are purchasing guns, drugs, hits, new spawns, etc. If you change your job name to show an allegiance to either the Groove/Ballas, the Gang War rules apply to you. Raiding and NLR rules apply.
  10. Pingu

    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Avoid being rude and disrespectful towards anyone. No sexism, racism, discrimination, etc. No Necroposting. No advertising other servers, websites, communites, etc. No inappropriate names. Avoid starting drama. Post in correct forum sections regarding your topic.
  11. Pingu

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
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